Moved my blog (again) this time to WordPress powered by Openshift


Last week have been a very ineffective day for me. Working through my proposal and some minor research. I browsed some famous websites and its based on WordPress. Kinda longing that feel, idk but Blogger doesn’t fit to my taste. So i tried to move my blog again to WordPress based.

The problem is i don’t like the limitation on host. And then i realized there are handful cloud hosting which offer free services, such as Openshift.
There are few perks you need to tinker when using Openshift. First you cannot use SSL on free tier. Resulting you will get warning if you use default options, fact that WordPress default to HTTPS. Openshift also cannot use root domain, or A adress, only CNAME possible. Therefore you need to use CDN services such as Cloudflare to flatten the address. The setting actually not that hard. However the propagation may takes a while and wrong settings might bring headache.

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