JOOX and its Localization


I heard about JOOX from my friend a while ago. Music subscription is one of better implementation than pay per album which almost cost the same. Well truth is, i actually kinda bored now since most of the venues i visited usually play the same top charts, rather than the old school album playback.

What i actually like from JOOX is you can actually get it for free, without any credit cards upfront and it also integrate the lyrics. I wonder there might be Netflix for karaoke.

Anyway, i recently discovered that JOOX which is owned by Tencent/WeChat is actually has other region localization, since i think they must have the China version of the app. However in Indonesia localization, there are only International, Indonesian and K-Pop charts.

Using the apps, maybe you won’t get far but using computer’s browser shows the difference. JOOX actually has many localization, from what i gather, there are at least 6 different localization and most of them actually from Malaysia region. By this method it might fulfill your curiosity¬†about other neighboring country top charts, for me the Thai localization is what i’m seeking of.

Here are several screenshots of the different charts.







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