JOOX and its Localization


I heard about JOOX from my friend a while ago. Music subscription is one of better implementation than pay per album which almost cost the same. Well truth is, i actually kinda bored now since most of the venues i visited usually play the same top charts, rather than the old school album playback.

What i actually like from JOOX is you can actually get it for free, without any credit cards upfront and it also integrate the lyrics. I wonder there might be Netflix for karaoke.

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Rekomendasi Serial TV Ongoing 2016


Salah satu hobi saya adalah menonton film serial barat di kala senggang. Berikut merupakan rekomendasi saya untuk film serial ongoing di awal 2016, khususnya genre film detektif dan fantasi.

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Flightless Bird, American Mouth


Have I found you?, Flightless Bird;
Grounded, bleeding? 
Or lost you, American Mouth; 
Big Pill, stuck going down

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세상 그 누구보다


세상 그 누구보다 널 사랑해
sesang geu nuguboda neol saranghae
I love you more than anyone in this world

가슴을 파고드는 그 말
gaseumeul pagodeuneun geu mal
Those heartful words

나의 눈동자에 맺혀있는 눈물이 나의 사랑이야
naui nundongjae maechyeoinneun nunmuri naui sarangiya
The tears pooled up in my eyes is my love

이 눈물은 너야
i nunmureun neoya
These tears are for you

허락 없이 시작한 이 사랑을
heorak eobsi sijakhan i sarangeul
This love that has started without your permission

난 사랑해요
nan saranghaeyo
I love you

더 아파도 계속 할래
deo apado gyesok hallae
Even though it hurts, I want to keep going on

난 그래도 할래 끝이 없어도
nan geuraedo hallae kkeuchi eobseodo
I want to go till the end even if it is endless

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kít hôt


และ ยัง คิดถึง เธอ นะ · วันนี้ ไม่มี เธอ
láe yang kít tĕung ter ná · wan née mâi mee ter

เหตุใด โลกนี้ ช่าง ดู โหดร้าย
hàyt dai lôhk née châang doo hòht ráai

สุดท้องทะเล ขอบฟ้าแสนไกล
sùt-tóng-tá-lay kòp-fáa-săen-glai

กลับมา ได้ ไหม · ยัง คอย
glàp maa dâai măi · yang koi     


กลับมา ได้ ไหม · ยัง คอย
glàp maa dâai măi · yang koi

และ ยัง คิดถึง เพียง เธอ
láe yang kít tĕung piang ter

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I Can Love You Like That


I can love you like that
I would make you my world
move heaven and earth,

if you were my girl

I would give you my heart
be all that you need
show you you’re everything,

that precious to me

If you give me a chance,

i can love you like that

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Rest of My Life


As i stand here before my woman
I can’t fight back the tears in my eyes
Oh how could i be so lucky
I must’ve done something right
And i promise to love her for the rest of my life

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Let Me In


Let me in,
let me in your arms again.

Let me give my love to you once more.
Let me love you, let me love you.

Take me in,
take me in your arms to stay,
and I’ll never go away again.

‘Cause I love you, ’cause I love you.

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One Of Us


What if God was one of us?

Just a slob like one of us?

Just a stranger on a bus,
trying to make his way home..

Just trying to make his way home..

Back up to heaven all alone.

Nobody calling on the phone.

‘Cept for the pope maybe in Rome.

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He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother


It’s a long long road.
From which there is no return.

While we’re on our way to there,
why not share.

And the load,
doesn’t weigh me down,
at all.

He ain’t heavy,
he’s my brother.

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